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YWAM Working to Provide Clean Water

I remember first hearing about some of the work YWAM was doing to provide clean water when I was in Kenya in 2001 for the University of the Nations (U of N) Workshop. Howard Malmstadt demonstrated a new water filtration and purification device that he developed with Rolf Englehard. 30 of the units were given away, which was to be the start of a larger distribution of the water filtration and purification devices to provide clean water around the world.

Youth With A Mission has been active around the world over it’s 50-year history in bringing clean potable water to the nations it’s worked in.

Some of the things that Youth With A Mission is currently doing to help provide clean water are:

  • Repairing damaged wells and pumps in Haiti after the earth quake
  • Proving clean water along with education and health care to the Aluwawe People of the Zambezi Delta in Mozambique (here)
  • Building concrete rain water collection tanks in Vanuatu where they have already built nine water tanks in the Northern villages of Efate, where I did my YWAM DTS outreach(here).
  • Building and improving wells in southern Sudan (see video below)
  • Running a Community Water Technology Seminar through the University of the Nations (U of N) in at least two locations in the world (here),
  • Water for Life & Platypus Go-Teams out of YWAM Tasmania to help provide access to safe water through seminars, training and short term missions trips (here).
  • Water for Life ministry in Kona, Hawaii as part of the University of the Nations (U of N) which currently has projects to help people develop safe and sustainable water sources in  Kiribati, Indonesia, Brazil, Kosovo and Rwanda. (here)

YWAM work continues to help provide clean water for the estimated 2 billion people around the world who are lacking adequate water supplies and sanitation.

Dean Sherman in Denver Hospital with Cardiac Problems

While travelling through Denver on his way to teach in Cimmaron, Colorado, Dean Sherman fell ill with severe chest pains. He was taken from the airport directly to the hospital after having terrible chest and stomach pains.

At the hospital they discovered that his gallbladder is shot and that he has several stomach ulcers. The problems that they found need surgery to repair. The first surgery was a little more complicated than expected so they had to schedule a second surgery.

They were unable to do the second surgery because they found some cardiac problems. The heart pumps aren’t working together as they should. Dean Sherman is currently in a lot of pain, is feeling weak and is very tired.

After meeting with the Cardiac Consultant they found that he has severe aortic stenosis that will require open heart surgery with valve replacement sometime in the next few days. He still also requires the follow up gallstone surgery.

Dean’s wife, Michelle Sherman is now in Denver with Dean. He is currently having to change his next five-weeks teaching schedule and is expected to be in hospital for an extended period of time.

The best place to follow the news on Dean Sherman seems to be his Facebook Page here.

YWAM Montana Gets Donated a Motel

YWAM Montana, located in Lakeside, Montana, has continued to grow and was in desperate need for new staff housing. As a huge answer to prayer they were donated a 12-room motel, plus the means to move it onto the YWAM location.

The foundations are still being finished and the three building hotel should be dropped into place in the next few weeks. Other the next six months they will be getting the building up to scratch and they should be ready to be inhabited in Fall 2010.

The new accommodation should be on-line just in time for the Discipleship Training School (DTS), the School of Biblical Studies (SBS), the Titus Project and the School of Worship (SOW).

You can see more photos of them moving the hotel buildings here, and more about YWAM Montana here.

YWAM and the C Street House in Washington DC

Back in the 1980s Youth With a Mission operated a ministry centre in Washington DC. They operated their ministry out of a rowhouse on C Street SE. When YWAM concluded its ministry activities in the city 20 years ago they transferred the house to C Street Center Inc.

For the last few months Youth With A Mission has been linked to that same house in Washington DC on C Street SE. The house has been linked with numerous Washington Political scandals, but the biggest complete was that the house was registered as being tax-exempt. The problem that people had is that the house was used as a boarding house for various political figures and should not have been operating as tax-exempt.

Unfortunately when the house was transferred to C Street Center Inc the city records were not updated. YWAM has not had anything to do with the property since they completed their ministry activity at that house in Washington DC 20 years ago.

Below is a link to the latest article about the house, and the quote regarding the ownership of the house.

Al Kamen – In the Loop: C Street house no longer fully tax-exempt – washingtonpost.com

The owner, according to tax records, remains the same, “Youth With A Mission Washington DC Inc C St. Center.” But that group says the property was transferred 20 years ago to C Street Center Inc. after YWAM concluded its activities in the city.

Update December 7, 2009 – The official real estate records for the C Street house have finally been updated to reflect the above information. The house was sold on March 21, 1990 to C Street Center, and then transferred to Fellowship Foundation Inc. on October 25, 2002. You can see the updated records on the Arlington Virginia website here.

YWAM Team Helps Restore Neighbourhood House in Abilene, Texas

A team of about 35 YWAM Staff and Students from Youth With A Mission Tyler, Texas were part of a team of volunteers renovating a house in Abilene, Texas that is set to become a centre for neighbourhood outreach.

The was was originally deeded to the First United Methodist Church for their Good Shepherd Healing Ministries. The church is planning to use the house as a focal point of outreach into the neighbourhood. Once the house is completed they are planning to host what is essentially a block party for the neighbours to help get to know them. The house will host many ministry activities, including after-school activities for kids and possibly family events in the evenings.

They are hoping to open the house before the end of the year or earlier.

You can read more about the neighbourhood house and the YWAM involvement to get it restored here.