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YWAM World Cup Outreach

YWAM Kickoff 2010 is the upcoming outreach for the Football (soccer) world cup coming up in June and July of 2010 in South Africa.

Football (soccer) has already been declared the official sport of YWAM, so there is much anticipation for the world cup. It’s estimated that about 350,000 soccer fans will be visiting South Africa during the world cup, with literally billions of people expected to tune in to watch it on television.

YWAM still has room for volunteers in the areas of fundraising, publicity, web-design, administration, hospitality and outreach / evangelism teams.  The plan is to have YWAM teams in each of the host cities for the world cup, with a focus on outreaching to the visitors and locals during the world cup.

If you aren’t excited about it yet, then check out this video:

Unfortunately my mother country of Canada did not make the World Cup (no real surprise), but my adopted country of Australia did make it. So our family will no doubt be following the Socceroos during the tournament. It’s almost enough to make me want to get cable …

You can find out how to get involved in the YWAM World Cup Outreach here.

What Is the Official Sport of YWAM?

In keeping with the theme of the Official YWAM Board game (which wasn’t official, but was a board game) we now have the official sport for YWAM.

The official YWAM sport is …


Now before you Australian’s, Canadian’s and American’s get all excited I am not talking about Gridiron football, Aussie Rules football or Rugby. I’m talking about the sport that you call soccer (which is played a lot more with the “foot” than any of those other games called “football”).

I have played football at nearly every Youth With A Mission centre that I have been at. Just off the top of my head I have played football with YWAM at:

  • The front lawn of YWAM Lausanne, Switzerland
  • The oval at YWAM Harpenden, England
  • The field near YWAM Auckland, New Zealand (it used to be across the road, but looking at Google maps there are houses in the way now …)
  • The Strand at Reef to Outback in Townsville, Australia
  • Vanuatu on outreach
  • YWAM Vunayasi in Fiji
  • East Timor on outreach

My wife and I have been encouraging my son that if he wants to play a sport he should play soccer. Not only has it been in my experience the most played sport in YWAM, it is also the widest played sport in the world.

The runner up for the most played sport would probably be cricket, which is also the second most played sport in the world.

I know that the people over at YWAM Hockey will probably be disappointed with my finding, but it’s hard to find a good ice surface in most places of the globe.