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Prayer Request for YWAM in Juarez, Mexico

Today I got this story / prayer request submitted to this site. In case you haven’t seen it, at the top of the site there is a link to “Submit a Story” where you can submit your stories about Youth With A Mission to this site. Depending on the story there is also always the chance that the story could almost make it onto the YWAM Podcast that I produce every two weeks…

Below is the submitted story. If you do want to get in touch with Patti Kidd then please leave a comment under her story and I will make sure that it makes it to her…

Do you want to mould your students into passionate prayer warriors who will impact the world on a global scale? Then join us as we pray for YWAM in Juarez, Mexico, “the murder capital of the world”.

Twenty-eight thousand (28,000) people have been murdered in Mexico since December 2006, and Juarez is the worst city, with 6,600 people massacred and over 10,000 children orphaned. Every night, people are slaughtered, and the situation is getting worse—much worse— as hit-men go door to door executing people.

Below are two recent articles depicting the desperate situation in Juarez.



However, we believe that if enough people pray, God will transform the city, and build a new orphanage for the children.

Prayer changes lives, and prayer changes nations.

Therefore, please join us as we pray for Juarez and use statistical measurements to quantitatively measure the effectiveness of prayer. Here is what I suggest. Whenever your students pray for their outreach location, have them pray for Juarez, as well. Tell them it is part of a global prayer project to demonstrate the awesome power of God. In this way, you become co-labourers with us as we see God transform one of the darkest regions of the world. Then periodically, we will provide you with the murder statistic for Juarez, and this value can be plotted on a graph. As the crime rate decreases, the graph will be a powerful reminder of God’s transforming power. What better way to teach your students that God answers prayer than to provide it statistically?

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” II Chronicles 7:14

We believe that God is going to change Juarez in a powerful way, and a new orphanage will be build.

However the question remains … who will participate in this history making event? Are you up for the challenge? I think you are. Both you and your students will be forever changed by the process.

Contact me if your school wants to commit to praying for Juarez during the next semester and I will periodically send you statistics to show the awesome power of your prayers.

Join us as God demonstrates His power to transform “the murder capital of the world”.

Yours sincerely,

Patti Kidd

Lynn Green to Address YWAM Live On-Line

On April 28th at 5pm GMT (10am Pacific) Lynn Green will be addressing YWAM globally on an online video stream. Youth With A Mission has been streaming many of their GENESIS (video conferencing) meetings live to include as many people and YWAM locations as possible. So far there have been over 23,000 views of these different live recorded videos.

In addition to Lynn Green speaking on the live online video broadcast Shirley Brownhill will also be speaking. Shirley Brownhill is the director of YWAM Perth and will be sharing stories and video from Mexico City. YWAM Perth is currently engaged in a “Mega Cities” outreach in Mexico City and they have seen many people come to the Lord during their time there.

You can join into the live video address by clicking here at the time of the event.

To find out what time the event is in your time zone click here and then select your location.

Build a House in Mexico with YWAM

YWAM San Diego / Baja is opening up their house building projects for individuals to join, as well as groups. Traditionally they have only accepted groups of 15 – 20 people to build a house, but right now they are putting together an outreach for individuals to join them to build houses for poor families in Ensenada, Mexico.

The house building outreach will be run from August 14 – 16 and is open to anyone who wants to help, you do not have to have done anything with YWAM in the past to be a part of this outreach with Homes for Hope.

You can find out more about the house building outreach to Ensenada, Mexico here.

Skateboarders from Red Deer Canada head to Mexico for YWAM Outreach

A team of 6 skaters from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada and 18 from Edmonton, Canada headed down to Mazzatlan, Mexico to join a YWAM Outreach in Mazatlan, Mexico.

The team managed to pack 10 suitcases full of skateboard gear that was donated to the local Mexican skaters when they were down in Mexico. They helped to assemble portable skateboarding equipment and run different events in the area.

The outreach was organized by Skatelife and you can read more about it here.