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YWAM Ambulance in Haiti Crashes while Transporting Cholera Patients

We have confirmed reports that the YWAM Ambulance in Haiti was involved in an roll over accident while transporting cholera patients late last week.

According to updates on Twitter the ambulance crashed and was damaged, but thankfully no one was hurt. Those in the back of the ambulance reported that although the ambulance flipped, the passengers reported that it “felt like they rolled on pillows”.

Although initial reports said that the ambulance flipped and rolled over, those reports were incorrect. The people in Haiti who I spoke to said that there was no indication of a roll over, and the photos below seem to confirm that.

We reported previously about the YWAM Mercy Truck Ambulance being donated to YWAM Haiti after the devastating earthquake that hit the nation in January. Since the earthquake it has been working almost non stop delivering aid and running mobile clinics for the people in Haiti. Only a few days ago we got reports that the ambulance was running strong and saving lives.

When the ambulance was delivered back in February it was reportedly the only ambulance in the nation of Haiti. We can only hope and pray now that they are able to get the ambulance repaired and running again, especially in the wake of the current Cholera outbreak and the approaching Hurricane Thomas. The Haitian mechanics who have looked at the ambulance guess that the repairs will take three weeks, if it is repairable.

We received this statement from YWAM in Haiti after I contacted them to confirm the accident:

The ambulance came a few months after the earthquake and served in Port-au-Prince until emergencies died down. It was then brought to St. Marc to be a part of the New Foundations Clinic. Before it crashed, it brought to the hospital an estimated 40 cholera-hit people that were in critical condition. It also helped volunteers reach an unknown amount of cholera-hit people that were not sick enough to need medical evac.

Haiti Cholera Outbreak–Report from YWAM Haiti

A Cholera outbreak in Haiti has left at least 150 people dead from the disease. The YWAM Clinic is now only taking people affected by Cholera and the clinic, and the hospitals around Haiti, are filling up fast with people suffering from Cholera Symptoms.

Report from YWAM Haiti about the Cholera Outbreak

YWAM Haiti is continuing to work in the area to bring water and help to those areas worst affected by the outbreak. As you can see in the video they are treating people at the clinic as well as transporting water out to the areas that are the worst affected.

You can follow along with the latest update on one of their YouTube video channels here.

Mercy Trucks Sends Ambulance to YWAM in Haiti

Youth With a Mission Haiti was already using it’s trucks and vehicles as make shift ambulances in Haiti after the earthquake that hit the country on January 12. Seeing the need YWAMs Mercy Trucks began to work towards providing a vehicle, medical supplies and other necessary equipment for use by the YWAM team that has been operating in Haiti since 1991.

On February 12th the 28 foot ambulance arrived in Haiti, packed with medical and other much needed equipment.

YWAM has been working feverishly in Haiti to provide as much support as needed to the hurting people in that nation. Here are just a few of the things that they have been involved in:

  • The above mentioned ambulance
  • Registering the refugees who arrive in St. Marc from Port au Prince
  • Providing 200 tents for temporary accommodation for refugees
  • Renovating an old condemned  hospital so that it can again be used
  • YWAM Medical teams working in front of the old capital building in Port au Prince

Many YWAM teams from around the world have joined the staff already in YWAM Haiti to help serve the people there. There is plenty of opportunity for individuals or teams to go to Haiti to help, and of course donations of finances, medical supplies and other needed equipment are very welcome.

You can find out more about YWAM Haiti and how to help here.

YWAM IPHC Brings Life to Papua New Guinea

After hearing of an attempted infanticide in a remote village of Papua New Guinea a YWAM Introduction to Primary Health Care School (IPHC) team was able to bring much needed medical care to the very malnourished child. In addition to seeing a physical change in the life of the child the team also saw a spiritual change in the village as the villager’s began to see the value of the life of any child, no matter how it comes into the world.

You can read the full story here.