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Australian YWAMers Establish New YWAM Ministry Centre in Canada

YWAMers from Australia have established a new ministry location in Canada.

Australian Flag on top of YWAM Ministry Centre in CanadaIn the establishment of the new Youth With A Mission ministry centre the Australians used local, natural and easily available resources to build the new ministry building. It was built very quickly, over a matter of days, and blends in with the local landscape.

The ministry objectives and plans for the Australian YWAMers is still being established by the local staff. The YWAMers are saying that they are there for the long haul, but there are concerns though from the locals in Canada. One of them was overheard saying:

I know that they say they are here for the long term, but the way they built it looks to me like their ministry center will be gone by the time spring rolls around!

Young Australian YWAMers in CanadaApparently some of the locals are concerned about the YWAMers choice of building material; snow.

When approached about it the Australian YWAMer was surprised, responding, “What are you talking about? It’s everywhere, and I really can’t see it going away, this centre will be around for decades!”.

Austalian YWAMers wearing flip flops in the snow!There was also concern expressed by the local Canadians about some of the Australian YWAMers choice of footwear…

Again the Australian YWAMers were indignant in their answer stating, “We wear these things year round everywhere in Australia, including weddings! I’m not going to change just because of local tradition, I’m an Australian!”.

While the longevity of the building materials used for the new Youth With A Mission Ministry Centre in Canada is in doubt, the long-term future of the YWAMers in Canada is also still to be determined. In the mean time though they are plugging away at whatever it is God’s told them to do there…

Lounging on the roof top of the new YWAM Australia Ministry Centre in Canada
Lounging on the roof top of the new YWAM Australia Ministry Centre in Canada

What Is the Official Sport of YWAM?

In keeping with the theme of the Official YWAM Board game (which wasn’t official, but was a board game) we now have the official sport for YWAM.

The official YWAM sport is …


Now before you Australian’s, Canadian’s and American’s get all excited I am not talking about Gridiron football, Aussie Rules football or Rugby. I’m talking about the sport that you call soccer (which is played a lot more with the “foot” than any of those other games called “football”).

I have played football at nearly every Youth With A Mission centre that I have been at. Just off the top of my head I have played football with YWAM at:

  • The front lawn of YWAM Lausanne, Switzerland
  • The oval at YWAM Harpenden, England
  • The field near YWAM Auckland, New Zealand (it used to be across the road, but looking at Google maps there are houses in the way now …)
  • The Strand at Reef to Outback in Townsville, Australia
  • Vanuatu on outreach
  • YWAM Vunayasi in Fiji
  • East Timor on outreach

My wife and I have been encouraging my son that if he wants to play a sport he should play soccer. Not only has it been in my experience the most played sport in YWAM, it is also the widest played sport in the world.

The runner up for the most played sport would probably be cricket, which is also the second most played sport in the world.

I know that the people over at YWAM Hockey will probably be disappointed with my finding, but it’s hard to find a good ice surface in most places of the globe.

YWAM Declares Official Board Game

It’s finally official…

After an informal poll* conducted at YWAM centres in three different continents we can officially declare that Youth With A Mission has an official board game. And the winner is …

The Settlers of Catan

In addition to the original game of the Settlers of Catan there are many popular add-on packs for the original game. They include:

The runner up for being declared the official board game of YWAM is …

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride also has a few add-on packs for the board game, which include:

If you haven’t already tried out these games then give ‘em a go, they’re a lot of fun, and you should probably be prepared to play the games if you are going to visit almost any YWAM Centre around the world.

What games are being played on your YWAM Centre? Are the games selected above popular games, or are they being replaced by something new?

Let us know below in the comments.

* The informal poll consisted of my own observations and questions about what people are playing at various centres around the world.

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Worship Training Video Ideal for New YWAM Students

I come from a church that has fairly conservative / traditional style worship, at least compared to the worship I experienced at YWAM Reef to Outback in Australia. Recently I was sent a copy of a training video on “How to Worship” that is geared towards people going into a Pentecostal flavour of worship, which is what I experienced in Townsville. I think that if I had been given the chance to see this video before attending my YWAM DTS I would have been much better equip for the worship experience…

What do you reckon, would this have been helpful to you when you came into YWAM or could this video possibly help new students at your Youth With A Mission location enter more easily into worship?

YWAM – What Else Does it Stand For (Humour)?

I read a post tonight that me laugh about what else YWAM is an acronym for. Of course it officially stands for “Youth With A Mission“, but there are many other things that it could stand for, and here are a few of my favourites:

  • Youth Without Any Money
  • You Will Always Move
  • Young Women After Men
  • Young Wolves After Maidens
  • Yes, We Arrange Marriages
  • Youth With A Meeting

There are close to a dozen other options for the YWAM acronym on the post I was reading, and you can check them out here.