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YWAM AfriComs Report from Angola

A team from YWAM AfriCom travelled to Angola a few months ago to help Youth With A Mission Angola with some of their equipment to develop some communication tools for the YWAM teams in Angola. One of their main projects is to produce a video for the ministry there.

They have started producing some videos of their time in Angola, and it’s exciting to hear some of the stories that have come out of it already.

Below is the first video that they have released from their trip.

Communication Ministry in Angola from Miranda Heathcote on Vimeo.

They are looking at producing a few different additional videos out of their time in Angola including a 15-minute promotional video, a documentary style video, prayer material, updated web-site, photos of the ministry happening there and quality articles for publication. They are looking at wanting to raise awareness of the needs of YWAM Angola.

YWAM AfriComs has also recently picked up a new staff member to help in the area of video production, so we look forward to seeing even more quality work coming out of the team that is working there.

Upcoming Support and Friendraising Workshop

On May 31- June 4, 2010 Terry Sherman will be hosting the “Train the Trainers in Friendraising Workshop”.

The workshop is a four day workshop on friendraising and support raising for people in YWAM. It will be hosted at the YWAM Heidebeek centre in Heerde, the Netherlands.Terry has been developing training in the area of support raising and friendraising for the last 8-years and has run these workshops successfully in previous years.

The first three days will be spent learning about how to raise support. The fourth day will be dedicated to looking at how the participants can multiply that teaching on their own YWAM Centre.

The training is very interactive and includes homework before the workshop, lots of group discussion and assignments during the workshop.

If you are after more information about the friendraising and support raising workshop you can contact Terry Sherman through her Facebook page here.

Watch the YWAM UofN Workshop Live Online

The YWAM University of the Nations workshop is happening right now in four locations around the world. In addition to gathering in those locations you can also watch a live video stream from the YWAM Lausanne location.

The UofN Workshop happens once every four years and this year the focus for the workshop is “For Such A Time as This”.

You can read more about the U of N Workshop here, and watch the live video stream here.

Should We Do A YWAM News Radio Show / Podcast?

As we look at how to best communicate what is happening around the world with YWAM we want to look at as many different options as possible. YWAM has had an online presence for many years,

There are quite a few YWAM audio shows available from individual locations around the world (we did a YWAM Podcast in Townsville for quite a number of years). I have listened to many of these podcasts and they do a great job in communicating what is happening at the local level, but as far as I’ve seen there is no podcast out there communicating what is happening in Youth With A Mission as a whole.

Collecting the new from around the world for YWAM can be quite a challenge, so it would be hard to cover everything that is happening around Youth With A Mission, but I wonder if people would be interested in hearing what news we are able to gather.

To gauge the interest in a YWAM News Podcast I’ve put together a small survey. There are only four questions, and it should only take about 2-minutes, but your input would be very valuable. Thanks …

What type of content would you like to hear on a YWAM News Radio Show / Podcast?

How often would you like a YWAM News Radio Show / Podcast to be produced?

How long should the YWAM News Radio Show / Podcast be?

Would you subscribe to a YWAM News Radio Show / Podcast?

Communication Skills Workshop at YWAM Harpenden

In July YWAM Harpenden is offering a two week workshop to help YWAM Staff to improve their communication skills. An experienced group of professionals will be teaching on the course and the workshop will include both instruction and practical application.

The workshop will cover written and verbal forms of communication. Written communication will focus on business and professional writing and the verbal communication will focus on public speaking.

Jean Hartley, M.A. Communication, will be the primary speaker during the workshop. He has 40-years of college teaching experience and is a YWAM Associate directing internet ministry for people with physical disabilities.

You can read more about the Communication Skills Workshop that is being offered by YWAM Harpenden here.