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Tamar Center Provides Recovery for Prostitutes in Thailand

The Tamar Center in Pattaya Thailand, a ministry birthed out of Youth With a Mission (YWAM), is providing women caught up in the Thailand Prostitution a way out.

Many women in Thailand enter into prostitution not by choice, but by being sold into it, forced into it or because they can’t see another way to survive. The Tamara Center provides these women with another way to survive through a three-month program that focuses on:

  • Christian Teachings
  • Learning English
  • Learning new skills (baking, hairdressing, etc)

About 80% of the women who go through the program offered by the centre manage to avoid returning to prostitution.

You can read more about one woman’s journey from a prostitute to running the training at the Tamara Center here.

The YWAM Outreach to Thailand Red-Light District Needs Staff

The YWAM Outreach to Bangkok, Thailand’s red-light district is currently needing staff for it’s ministry to the sex workers and clients there. The MST Project who runs the outreach is looking for male and female long term staff, videographers and administrative staff. The pre-requisite for staff there is the completion of a YWAM DTS.

If you are interested visit the MST web-site here.

YWAM Outreach to Thailand Red-Light District

A YWAM Thailand team has been regularly involved in ministering to male sex tourists visiting the red-light districts in Bangkok. Prostitution is a booming business in Thailand that brings in millions of dollars to the country and holds many men, women and children in bondage. YWAM Thailand engages the sex tourists in a non-threatening way to challenge them in what they are a part of.

Read more on the YWAM International Web-site here.