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YWAM AfriComs Report from Angola

A team from YWAM AfriCom travelled to Angola a few months ago to help Youth With A Mission Angola with some of their equipment to develop some communication tools for the YWAM teams in Angola. One of their main projects is to produce a video for the ministry there.

They have started producing some videos of their time in Angola, and it’s exciting to hear some of the stories that have come out of it already.

Below is the first video that they have released from their trip.

Communication Ministry in Angola from Miranda Heathcote on Vimeo.

They are looking at producing a few different additional videos out of their time in Angola including a 15-minute promotional video, a documentary style video, prayer material, updated web-site, photos of the ministry happening there and quality articles for publication. They are looking at wanting to raise awareness of the needs of YWAM Angola.

YWAM AfriComs has also recently picked up a new staff member to help in the area of video production, so we look forward to seeing even more quality work coming out of the team that is working there.

YWAM Calgary Team in Zambia

Although my job has me tied in with the YWAM International Chairman’s Team in Harpenden, UK I also connect with the local Youth With A Mission Centre here in Calgary. At the moment they have brought a team to Zambia from Calgary.

Since the team have been in Zambia they have:

  • Machetti`ed the clearing for the medical clinic. It was hard work clearing the land but very satisfying.
  • Been busy helping Vinjelu and Kathryn finish building their home.
  • Visited a the rural village to pray for the people and learn about Zambian culture.
  • Hosted two afternoons of the Cherish girls program where girls come for an afternoon of love, encouragement and fun times.
  • Visited a Vineyard house church with the vision to minister to community in creative ways and bringing the kingdom to West Lusaka.

The YWAM community the Calgary team is staying with has 25 people, which includes the staff and students. It’s been a wonderful cultural exchange and sharing of work duties, food and laughter. They are enjoying n^shima, which is like corn based thick potatoes which is eaten with their fingers.

The YWAM centre is a very entrepreneurial centre… there are the ladies who are being taught to sew, a fellow making jewellery and hiring people to build, teaching a few trades along the way… as Vinjelu explained, “Zambians are creative and make what they need as best they can, with the supplies that are here.’”.

There have been many God encounters as they have shared lives with the people there, and everyone is very excited to see what is next. The team has been struck by the perseverance and joy of the people. Life is simple, yet full, and the team is realising the “necessities” of life like internet, phones, and television really aren’t as important as they thought.

The medical clinic that the team is clearing land for is to serve a community in desperate need for additional help with HIV treatment, ante-natal care and nutrition. There are funds and people to continue the work, and there will always be need to keep it going.

There are many stories of how kids cannot go to school and how food is not available as there is no money. The team is working to find a way they can continue to support the vision of this centre to care for those in need and to bring the love of God people.

The team is asking for continued prayer.

  • For good health, safety, following God`s will in the many areas they can serve
  • That Vinj and Kathryn could move into their home soon
  • Health for Vinj and Kathryn’s family
  • Continued good connections with the YWAM staff and students
    Next week will be spent clearing more of the land for the medical clinic and finishing the house. They will also be connecting in the village and experiencing Zambian dancing in the community church times.

YWAM Working to Provide Clean Water

I remember first hearing about some of the work YWAM was doing to provide clean water when I was in Kenya in 2001 for the University of the Nations (U of N) Workshop. Howard Malmstadt demonstrated a new water filtration and purification device that he developed with Rolf Englehard. 30 of the units were given away, which was to be the start of a larger distribution of the water filtration and purification devices to provide clean water around the world.

Youth With A Mission has been active around the world over it’s 50-year history in bringing clean potable water to the nations it’s worked in.

Some of the things that Youth With A Mission is currently doing to help provide clean water are:

  • Repairing damaged wells and pumps in Haiti after the earth quake
  • Proving clean water along with education and health care to the Aluwawe People of the Zambezi Delta in Mozambique (here)
  • Building concrete rain water collection tanks in Vanuatu where they have already built nine water tanks in the Northern villages of Efate, where I did my YWAM DTS outreach(here).
  • Building and improving wells in southern Sudan (see video below)
  • Running a Community Water Technology Seminar through the University of the Nations (U of N) in at least two locations in the world (here),
  • Water for Life & Platypus Go-Teams out of YWAM Tasmania to help provide access to safe water through seminars, training and short term missions trips (here).
  • Water for Life ministry in Kona, Hawaii as part of the University of the Nations (U of N) which currently has projects to help people develop safe and sustainable water sources in  Kiribati, Indonesia, Brazil, Kosovo and Rwanda. (here)

YWAM work continues to help provide clean water for the estimated 2 billion people around the world who are lacking adequate water supplies and sanitation.

YWAM Building a School in Angola

YWAM Angola is looking at building a school in the nation. The area that they are looking at is so undeveloped the government has no plans to address basic needs in the area like literacy and primary education. YWAM has already started up three literacy groups in the area and will be working with the tribal leaders to develop the school. There has already been land set aside and they are now waiting for approval from the local authorities.

Funds have been raised for the building supplies needed for the school but there is still a need for a vehicle to transport the supplies to the location of the school. The materials need to be moved piece by piece from Huambo, where the YWAM Centre is located, to the region of Kamakoyo. After the school has been built the off-road vehicle will be used to transport outreach teams into the region.

You can read more and find out how to donate on the YWAM International web-site, here.

YWAM World Cup Outreach

YWAM Kickoff 2010 is the upcoming outreach for the Football (soccer) world cup coming up in June and July of 2010 in South Africa.

Football (soccer) has already been declared the official sport of YWAM, so there is much anticipation for the world cup. It’s estimated that about 350,000 soccer fans will be visiting South Africa during the world cup, with literally billions of people expected to tune in to watch it on television.

YWAM still has room for volunteers in the areas of fundraising, publicity, web-design, administration, hospitality and outreach / evangelism teams.  The plan is to have YWAM teams in each of the host cities for the world cup, with a focus on outreaching to the visitors and locals during the world cup.

If you aren’t excited about it yet, then check out this video:

Unfortunately my mother country of Canada did not make the World Cup (no real surprise), but my adopted country of Australia did make it. So our family will no doubt be following the Socceroos during the tournament. It’s almost enough to make me want to get cable …

You can find out how to get involved in the YWAM World Cup Outreach here.