Pray for Haiti as Tomas Approaches

I was forwarded this prayer request from YWAM Haiti as they wait for Tomas to arrive.

A late season Hurricane is heading toward Haiti. The  hurricane forecast shows hurricane Tomas just off the south coast of Haiti on Friday heading straight for the country.  We know the heartache and suffering the people of Haiti have been going through with the earthquake and now the cholera outbreak. A hurricane with its associated flooding and wind will heap more misery on the Haitian people.  We know that God is all powerful and that the wind and sea obey his commands.  So let’s pray this storm out to sea.

Terry W. Snow
National Director
Youth With a Mission-Haiti

The latest news that I have read is that Haiti is likely to avoid a direct hit, but forecasters expect heavy rain to last for days. The heavy rain could lead to deadly flooding, and people are being evacuated from some of the tent cities and moved to more solid buildings.

Let’s remember to keep Haiti in our prayers, and you can check back on this site for more news when we know it, and on the YWAM Facebook page.

One thought on “Pray for Haiti as Tomas Approaches”

  1. Thank you for this RSS feed and facebook notation. It is a resource to more precise praying. My heart broke when I first learned a hurricane was headed for Haiti and I pleaded with the Lord to avert it. I know it rains on the just and the unjust, both, but I wanted Haiti to be spared of one more misery. Thank you, YWAM, for your Christ-like ever-present help in the midst of the storm. Surely, the Haitians will know God is in their midst as they look into the eyes of YWAM ministry. May God strengthen all of you.

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