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2013 YWAM LTS (Leadership Training School) in Samoa

I recently received this update about an upcoming training opportunity for current and future leaders in YWAM…

YWAM Samoa is hosting the LEADERSHIP TRAINING SCHOOL (LTS) next year in 2013.

DATES: FEBRUARY 25 – MAY 17, 2013


YWAM LTS (Leadeship Training School) in SamoaInfo: All existing and Potential Leaders are all welcome to attend. This school will help give you the Tools you need for your leadership and also for the ministry you are involved in or a ministry the Lord is giving you to undertake, and also help you to lead Jesus style.

Loren and Darlene Cunningham, David Hamilton, and Dawn Gauslin will also be running the DNA INFUSION for two weeks during the LTS in Samoa. DNA UNFUSION is part of the school, but it is also open for anyone who has already done an LTS but still want to be a part of the DNA INFUSION sessions.

You are all welcome.

You can find out more on the YWAM Samoa Web-site.

Exciting New YWAM Communication School

The School of Mission Communication being offered by the YWAM International Communication Network in Denver Colorado later this year really excites me with the possibilities. I’ve written before about the importance of telling our stories in YWAM and have talked about it a lot on the YWAM Podcast as well. This school looks like a great way for people called to be “Missions Communicators” to get started.

Lynn Green, one of YWAM’s elders and a veteran of 42 years in Youth With A Mission, has this invitation for people to get involved in this school:

The School of Mission Communication will be covering many different topics, including:

  • Writing
  • Photography
  • Design
  • Campaigns
  • Video
  • New Media
  • more…

The training will be presented from a mission context, rather than a journalistic, entertainment or business context. Unless you are in the field it’s hard to appreciate the difference, but this course should do well in helping missions communicators to present their stories in ways that will have the greatest impact with their audience.

After the three months of classroom training the students will have the opportunity to join of YWAM’s Regional Communication Teams for 3 – 6 months, or other communication initiatives around the world.

You can find out more about this great new school for mission communicators on the YWAM ICN web-site.

Upcoming Support and Friendraising Workshop

On May 31- June 4, 2010 Terry Sherman will be hosting the “Train the Trainers in Friendraising Workshop”.

The workshop is a four day workshop on friendraising and support raising for people in YWAM. It will be hosted at the YWAM Heidebeek centre in Heerde, the Netherlands.Terry has been developing training in the area of support raising and friendraising for the last 8-years and has run these workshops successfully in previous years.

The first three days will be spent learning about how to raise support. The fourth day will be dedicated to looking at how the participants can multiply that teaching on their own YWAM Centre.

The training is very interactive and includes homework before the workshop, lots of group discussion and assignments during the workshop.

If you are after more information about the friendraising and support raising workshop you can contact Terry Sherman through her Facebook page here.

Worship Training Video Ideal for New YWAM Students

I come from a church that has fairly conservative / traditional style worship, at least compared to the worship I experienced at YWAM Reef to Outback in Australia. Recently I was sent a copy of a training video on “How to Worship” that is geared towards people going into a Pentecostal flavour of worship, which is what I experienced in Townsville. I think that if I had been given the chance to see this video before attending my YWAM DTS I would have been much better equip for the worship experience…

What do you reckon, would this have been helpful to you when you came into YWAM or could this video possibly help new students at your Youth With A Mission location enter more easily into worship?

YWAM Biblical Core Course Starting in January

In January a new YWAM Biblical Core Course will be starting up at Reef to Outback, where I spent my first 11-years in YWAM and missions.

The Biblical Core Course (YWAM BCC) is a 5 1/2 month course that is broken up to be half lectures and half outreach. During lectures they’ll be covering topics like:

  • How to study the Word of God
  • Applying the what God says in the Bible to your life
  • Preaching and Teaching
  • Is the Bible still relevant today

After the lecture phase the Biblical Core Course will be heading over to Papua New Guinea again. The had a very successful outreach there last year when they ran the course and the staff are pretty excited to be heading back there again with the new school.

Jonathan Spainhour will be leading the school again this year. He just let me know this morning that another student signed up for it yesterday. He runs a great school full of practical and challenging teaching.

You can find out more about the school here.