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Outreach Opportunity to India for YWAM Discipleship Training School Teams

I got this e-mail from a pastor in India who is an ex YWAM Staff and Student who is interested in partnering with YWAM to bring in outreach teams to his location. I thought it sounded interesting, so I wanted to pass it along:

Greetings to you in the Name of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST from New Life Trust and Ministries.

II was YWAMer in the year 2000 to 2005. I did my DTS and SOFM in Pune and was also on Staff for the Sofm in Bangalore, India. God has given me a vision to reach out unreach people groups and the Yadava poeple group.

We are distributing Clothes, Books and helping pay the Tuition Fee to the Poor S.C., S.T. and Economically Back ward Classes Children’s Studying Schools from 1st Class to 10th Class in the surrounding villages of Gudipala Mandal, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh. We are also working with other villages. We need our Evangelism, Gospel works  and encouragement as they are engaged with coolly work due to their poverty giving up there studies.

We can easily reach out the unreached people groups in the remote villages. I am focusing on 15 different villages. We understand GOD has chosen people and groups like YWAM to Extend Your Valuable Support DTS Outreach Team mission team, or any Evangelism team. We are kindly requesting you please send your DTS Out reach Team, mission team ,or any Evangelism team to our place

We are praying for you and your wonderful ministries.  We are expecting an early and favourable Reply From you sir.

Thank you so …………much for your help and prayer

Yours truly

PHONE NO-0091-8572-257947

CELL NO-0091-9652124787

Although I receive a few of these requests a week I’m always keen to help out others who have been in YWAM. I also find it easier for Discipleship Training School and Outreach team leaders to verify things about people and locations if they have already had contact with other YWAM centres around the world…

2010 Schoolies Outreach in Australia

In the coming weeks high school students in Australia will be graduating from grade 12 and descending in droves to beaches and resorts to celebrate.

The revelry usually goes for about 18-days starting on November 19. Tens of thousands of graduates participate in the annual celebration for school leavers. Gold Coast has about 60,000 young people participating, and Byron Bay, the second most popular destination, has about 10,000 people attend.

While most people’s experience at Schoolies is positive and fun, there is often also the misuse of drugs, alcohol and excessive partying. Unfortunately girls and guys are often taken advantage of by their peers and sometime by older predators as well during the event.

Youth With A Mission has had a presence at Schoolies for many decades, providing activities, support, safe places and people to patrol the areas where the youth are partying. I did an outreach with YWAM Sunshine Coast back in 1998 where we spent a lot of time talking with the school leavers, helping them where needed, and pointing them in the right direction if they needed further help.

I’ve contacted numerous YWAM Centres in Australia to see what  schoolies outreach opportunities are available and will be updating this article with that information and talking about it on the next YWAM Podcast when I hear back from the different centres.


YWAM Byron Bay runs a schoolies outreach every year. Both YWAM Brisbane, YWAM Newcastle and YWAM Sunshine Coast do their outreaches by joining with YWAM Byron Bay. Some of the outreach activities that they engage in are:

  • Hotel Chaplains
  • Organised Sports
  • Free BBQ
  • Street Concerts
  • Drama
  • One on One Evangelism

YWAM Reef to Outback, YWAM Newcastle and YWAM Brisbane usually include the schoolies outreach as a part of their Discipleship Training School (YWAM DTS).

YWAM Sunshine Coast has stopped doing their schoolies outreach to Maroochydore and Mooloolaba, where I did my schoolies outreach, since the Maroochy Shire Council stopped supporting and funding the activities in 2007.


YWAM Calgary Team in Zambia

Although my job has me tied in with the YWAM International Chairman’s Team in Harpenden, UK I also connect with the local Youth With A Mission Centre here in Calgary. At the moment they have brought a team to Zambia from Calgary.

Since the team have been in Zambia they have:

  • Machetti`ed the clearing for the medical clinic. It was hard work clearing the land but very satisfying.
  • Been busy helping Vinjelu and Kathryn finish building their home.
  • Visited a the rural village to pray for the people and learn about Zambian culture.
  • Hosted two afternoons of the Cherish girls program where girls come for an afternoon of love, encouragement and fun times.
  • Visited a Vineyard house church with the vision to minister to community in creative ways and bringing the kingdom to West Lusaka.

The YWAM community the Calgary team is staying with has 25 people, which includes the staff and students. It’s been a wonderful cultural exchange and sharing of work duties, food and laughter. They are enjoying n^shima, which is like corn based thick potatoes which is eaten with their fingers.

The YWAM centre is a very entrepreneurial centre… there are the ladies who are being taught to sew, a fellow making jewellery and hiring people to build, teaching a few trades along the way… as Vinjelu explained, “Zambians are creative and make what they need as best they can, with the supplies that are here.’”.

There have been many God encounters as they have shared lives with the people there, and everyone is very excited to see what is next. The team has been struck by the perseverance and joy of the people. Life is simple, yet full, and the team is realising the “necessities” of life like internet, phones, and television really aren’t as important as they thought.

The medical clinic that the team is clearing land for is to serve a community in desperate need for additional help with HIV treatment, ante-natal care and nutrition. There are funds and people to continue the work, and there will always be need to keep it going.

There are many stories of how kids cannot go to school and how food is not available as there is no money. The team is working to find a way they can continue to support the vision of this centre to care for those in need and to bring the love of God people.

The team is asking for continued prayer.

  • For good health, safety, following God`s will in the many areas they can serve
  • That Vinj and Kathryn could move into their home soon
  • Health for Vinj and Kathryn’s family
  • Continued good connections with the YWAM staff and students
    Next week will be spent clearing more of the land for the medical clinic and finishing the house. They will also be connecting in the village and experiencing Zambian dancing in the community church times.

YWAM Outreach at the Festival of Life in Lebanon

YWAM Lebanon participated in the "Festival of Life" on the 26th of June at Lebanon’s Monument Park

The Festival of Live was put on by the Lebanon Pastors Prayer Network. Between 75,000 and 100,000 pounds of free groceries and health-care products are estimated to have been distributed at the event.

YWAM was one of many organisations to participate in the festival. Some of the other organisations included Youth for Christ, Teen Challenge, Career Link, YMCA, and many more.

The goal of the event was to minister to the “Whole Person” and to show the people Jesus and help with other areas of need.

You can read more about the festival and the YWAM Outreach here, and you can find out more about YWAM Lebanon here.

YWAM Next Wave Refit Complete, Sicily Evangelism Outreach has Begun

The YWAM Ship the s/y Next Wave has completed its recent refit.

During the refit the ship was placed in dry dock to enable the cleaning and repainting the hull, anchor and chains. They also did major work on the engine room, inspections on the generators, recertification of all safety devices and some very heavy duty cleaning jobs.

Not everything was completed and they are having to plan for a further more extensive refit period in the next year to finish items that were postponed and upgrades that had to be cancelled during this last refit.

Now that the refit of the vessel is complete the Marine Reach team has started on their evangelism tour of Sicily, Italy. They are currently hosting two DTS teams, one from Kings Lodge in the UK and the other from Quebec in Canada.

You can find out more about Marine Reach and their ministry on their web-site,