YWAM Aviation Flight Training Academy Starts on April 6

The first YWAM Aviation Flight Training Academy begins on April 6th in Colorado Springs. There is 12-weeks of training and then the students will travel overseas to gain aviation experience with another mission aviation organisation in Central Asia. YWAM Aviation is also looking for staff to join them in this exciting new ministry.

Find out more about YWAM Aviation here.

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  1. I’d like to know more about YWAM’s aviation ministries. My wife and I were on staff at YWAM Kona in the worship dept from 1992 to 1994. We moved to Portland, OR for our childrens’ schooling and in 1998 moved to the San Juan Islands in WA state where I have worked as a charter pilot and business owner. Is the aviation ministry still up and running? If so, who would be the best contact person?

  2. Unfortunately Ed I have since found out that the YWAM Aviation ministry in North America is no longer operating. I contacted the people involved and this is the response that I received about the ministry:

    Currently YWAM North America is not sponsoring aviation schools or ministries due largely in part to liability issues. Through much prayer and discussion this was determined and declared by the YWAM North American director.

  3. If Ed Griswold wishes to have more information about an aviation project by another ywamer who has also been a pilot please contact:goldair777@gmail.com

  4. Hello There. I am very interested in a flight training. I play Microsoft Flight Simulator almost everyday. I getting in to this landing ILS Training. Is this a christian group for flight raining.

  5. Just curious if there has been any recent developments now that it is April 2012 with YWAM doing something with an aviation school in North American or anywhere for that matter. Anybody know anything?

  6. Hi, i’m from Cochin, Kerala, INDIA. i did my DTS @ YWAM Cochin base. I’am rely intrested in aviation as it is my ambition. That was noticed The YWAM Aviation’s website.

    can anybody please give me more info’s? ­čÖé

  7. I see that you no longer have a flight school available in the CONUS, but do you have a need for a qualified pilot if I were to get the required training? My wife and I have been called into missions and we are feeling led into to aviation. We were considering ywam prior to this new leading and would like to see if we can still fit somewhere. Thanks:-)

  8. Thanks for the comment Steve.

    In September last year I interviewed Raymond Siebring on the YWAM Podcast about the YWAM Flying Car, http://ywampodcast.com/74. Something that he is working on is the Aviation Education Initiative which is “focused on humanitarian / mission aviation through technological innovation & indigenous aviation education. AEI is deploying one of the first Maverick Flying Cars into an education, humanitarian air & education role.”. The AEI was born out of YWAM Aviation in Colorado Springs.

    You can visit the AEI site at http://flyaei.com.

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