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2010 Schoolies Outreach in Australia

In the coming weeks high school students in Australia will be graduating from grade 12 and descending in droves to beaches and resorts to celebrate.

The revelry usually goes for about 18-days starting on November 19. Tens of thousands of graduates participate in the annual celebration for school leavers. Gold Coast has about 60,000 young people participating, and Byron Bay, the second most popular destination, has about 10,000 people attend.

While most people’s experience at Schoolies is positive and fun, there is often also the misuse of drugs, alcohol and excessive partying. Unfortunately girls and guys are often taken advantage of by their peers and sometime by older predators as well during the event.

Youth With A Mission has had a presence at Schoolies for many decades, providing activities, support, safe places and people to patrol the areas where the youth are partying. I did an outreach with YWAM Sunshine Coast back in 1998 where we spent a lot of time talking with the school leavers, helping them where needed, and pointing them in the right direction if they needed further help.

I’ve contacted numerous YWAM Centres in Australia to see what  schoolies outreach opportunities are available and will be updating this article with that information and talking about it on the next YWAM Podcast when I hear back from the different centres.


YWAM Byron Bay runs a schoolies outreach every year. Both YWAM Brisbane, YWAM Newcastle and YWAM Sunshine Coast do their outreaches by joining with YWAM Byron Bay. Some of the outreach activities that they engage in are:

  • Hotel Chaplains
  • Organised Sports
  • Free BBQ
  • Street Concerts
  • Drama
  • One on One Evangelism

YWAM Reef to Outback, YWAM Newcastle and YWAM Brisbane usually include the schoolies outreach as a part of their Discipleship Training School (YWAM DTS).

YWAM Sunshine Coast has stopped doing their schoolies outreach to Maroochydore and Mooloolaba, where I did my schoolies outreach, since the Maroochy Shire Council stopped supporting and funding the activities in 2007.


Girl Rescued from Brothel by YWAM Team in India

An eleven year old orphan girl was recently rescued by a YWAM DTS outreach team in Pune, India. The girls mother had been a prostitute and had died, leaving the girl at the brothel with the other women.

The girl, Monica, is now living at a children’s home in Pune. At the same time as Monica was rescued from the brothel a 3-year old boy also left the brothel with the team to live in the children’s home.

Usually if a child is left alone at a brothel they are sold for the day or for the rest of their lives. For these two children to be rescued from the brothel is a real miracle and will give the children a much better chance at life.

You can read the full story here.

YWAM DTS Outreach Team Builds Bridge in Guyana

A Youth With A Mission Team Discipleship Training School built a bridge in Guyana. The bridge will allow the local farmers to drive over a canal and use machinery like tractors to work the fields. Previously all the work has had to be done using hand tools like machetes, which takes a very long time. The entire bridge construction was done by hand, including hauling the large logs used for the bridge support.

It sounds like the YWAM DTS team is having an amazing time on their outreach to Guyana. The team started out in Jamaica, where it looks like did the lecture phase of their school.

You can read more about their YWAM DTS outreach, and the amazing things that they are experiencing in Guyana, here.

YWAM DTS Blog Carnival Launched

Over on one of my other sites I have just launched a YWAM DTS Blog Carnival. I’m hoping to gather a list of stories from people’s Discipleship Training Schools together.

It’s my first ever Blog Carnival that I’m running, so it’s a bit exciting to see what happens. Could be a total bust if no one submits any stories, or it could be a fantastic source of stories from people who have done a YWAM DTS with Youth With A Mission.

If you want to participate in the YWAM DTS Blog Carnival, or want to see what stories get submited, then check out the post, YWAM DTS Blog Carnival – Bill Hutchison.

Documentary Launched for YWAM DTS after Colorado Shooting

After the shootings at YWAM in Colorado there was a lot of healing that needed to occur. The YWAM base rallied together to seek God and find what He wanted to see happen next …

A new documentary, “Jeasusfreaks”, has been produced based on the YWAM DTS (Discipleship Training School) that happened at YWAM Colorado shortly after the shooting. The school had 45 students, all snowboarders between the ages of 17 – 25. The school leader, John Murphy, documented the school and all that happened on it.

All sorts of issues and topics are tackled during the school by the staff and students. You can check out the free trailer for the documentary here.