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Haiti Cholera Outbreak–Report from YWAM Haiti

A Cholera outbreak in Haiti has left at least 150 people dead from the disease. The YWAM Clinic is now only taking people affected by Cholera and the clinic, and the hospitals around Haiti, are filling up fast with people suffering from Cholera Symptoms.

Report from YWAM Haiti about the Cholera Outbreak

YWAM Haiti is continuing to work in the area to bring water and help to those areas worst affected by the outbreak. As you can see in the video they are treating people at the clinic as well as transporting water out to the areas that are the worst affected.

You can follow along with the latest update on one of their YouTube video channels here.

YWAM Turns 50 Story on CBN.com

The Christian Broadcast Network put together a four minute story about Youth With A Mission’s 50 year anniversary. The story that they put together focuses on YWAM in England and features some interviews with Lynn Green, Landa Cope and some of it is filmed at Highfield Oval, the YWAM Centre in Harpenden, England.


The Documentary Filmmaking School being run out of YWAM Harpenden is one of the items featured in the video, as well as the upcoming outreach to the YWAM Outreach to the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

Worship Training Video Ideal for New YWAM Students

I come from a church that has fairly conservative / traditional style worship, at least compared to the worship I experienced at YWAM Reef to Outback in Australia. Recently I was sent a copy of a training video on “How to Worship” that is geared towards people going into a Pentecostal flavour of worship, which is what I experienced in Townsville. I think that if I had been given the chance to see this video before attending my YWAM DTS I would have been much better equip for the worship experience…

What do you reckon, would this have been helpful to you when you came into YWAM or could this video possibly help new students at your Youth With A Mission location enter more easily into worship?

YWAM Creative DTS Video from Aalesund Norway

I debated long and hard about adding a video to this site, but I really liked this video that was put together by the YWAM Creative Discipleship Training School from Aalesund in Norway. It was made as a creative application of 2 weeks of teaching on their YWAM DTS.

I wonder which two weeks of teaching this was after.

You can read more about the Creative YWAM DTS in Aalesund Norway here.