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The Great Gospel Crusade in Nyadri, Uganda

A YWAM Team had the amazing opportunity to participate in “The Great Gospel Crusade” in the town of Nyadri in the West Nile district of Uganda.

The crusade went for four days and included a lot of preaching, teaching, worship, dancing, prayer and practical ministry. A team from the Colorado Springs YWAM base was working with the staff at YWAM Arua when they heard about the crusade. The team was given chances to preach, share their testimonies and lead worship.

During the crusade there were some amazing stories of healing and faith. Many people came to know Jesus personally and others were healed of long term physical and mental illnesses.

You can read more about The Great Gospel Crusade and some of the stories around it here.

YWAM CRITters Meet in Jinga Uganda for CRIT

YWAMers from around the world are meeting together in Jinja, Uganda this week for “Communication, Research and Information Technology” (CRIT – have to love those YWAM acronyms) consultations.

CRIT is one of the tools that has been developed to help to restore and build communication within the mission and also from the mission to the rest of the world. That is what I am currently looking at helping with working the YWAM International Chairman’s Team so I have a huge interest in what’s happening there. I also have a few friends there right now, and hope to get to a YWAM CRIT consultation some year, but probably not less than a month after moving to a new country …

You can read more about CRIT here.

Conference to Build Up YWAM’s Communication Infrastructure

Three weeks in April and May will see YWAM Staff from all over the globe gather together in Uganda for three purposes:

  • Tell the Amazing Stories of What God is Doing
  • Connect YWAMers Globally and Prevent Isolation
  • Build Relationship-Based Partnerships to Serve through Communication

The conference consists of BCW (Basic Communication Workshop), CRIT (Communication, Research and Information Technology) and a StoryTellers trip.

You can read more about the upcoming conference here.