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YWAM Working to Provide Clean Water

I remember first hearing about some of the work YWAM was doing to provide clean water when I was in Kenya in 2001 for the University of the Nations (U of N) Workshop. Howard Malmstadt demonstrated a new water filtration and purification device that he developed with Rolf Englehard. 30 of the units were given away, which was to be the start of a larger distribution of the water filtration and purification devices to provide clean water around the world.

Youth With A Mission has been active around the world over it’s 50-year history in bringing clean potable water to the nations it’s worked in.

Some of the things that Youth With A Mission is currently doing to help provide clean water are:

  • Repairing damaged wells and pumps in Haiti after the earth quake
  • Proving clean water along with education and health care to the Aluwawe People of the Zambezi Delta in Mozambique (here)
  • Building concrete rain water collection tanks in Vanuatu where they have already built nine water tanks in the Northern villages of Efate, where I did my YWAM DTS outreach(here).
  • Building and improving wells in southern Sudan (see video below)
  • Running a Community Water Technology Seminar through the University of the Nations (U of N) in at least two locations in the world (here),
  • Water for Life & Platypus Go-Teams out of YWAM Tasmania to help provide access to safe water through seminars, training and short term missions trips (here).
  • Water for Life ministry in Kona, Hawaii as part of the University of the Nations (U of N) which currently has projects to help people develop safe and sustainable water sources in  Kiribati, Indonesia, Brazil, Kosovo and Rwanda. (here)

YWAM work continues to help provide clean water for the estimated 2 billion people around the world who are lacking adequate water supplies and sanitation.

YWAM Journalism Student Reporting from Southern Sudan

In Southern Sudan you will find a mountain top called the “Prayer Mountain”. It is owned by a former YWAMer, Tijwong, who had the vision to start a school there during the Sudanese war. The school, “Christ Ambassadors’ School”, took in children from all backgrounds to teach them biblical principles so that “their generation could be transformed”. There are now 243 studnts at the school being provided with a Christian Education.

In addition to the school there is also a radio station on the mountain top. The solar-powered radio station will reach people all over the area with the gospel and local news. Funds raised through advertising on the radio station will be used to supplement the finances for the school, which have been tight since the war in Sudan ended.

You can read more about the school and radio station, including their need for radio broadcasters and equipment, here.