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YWAM AfriComs Report from Angola

A team from YWAM AfriCom travelled to Angola a few months ago to help Youth With A Mission Angola with some of their equipment to develop some communication tools for the YWAM teams in Angola. One of their main projects is to produce a video for the ministry there.

They have started producing some videos of their time in Angola, and it’s exciting to hear some of the stories that have come out of it already.

Below is the first video that they have released from their trip.

Communication Ministry in Angola from Miranda Heathcote on Vimeo.

They are looking at producing a few different additional videos out of their time in Angola including a 15-minute promotional video, a documentary style video, prayer material, updated web-site, photos of the ministry happening there and quality articles for publication. They are looking at wanting to raise awareness of the needs of YWAM Angola.

YWAM AfriComs has also recently picked up a new staff member to help in the area of video production, so we look forward to seeing even more quality work coming out of the team that is working there.

YWAM World Cup Outreach

YWAM Kickoff 2010 is the upcoming outreach for the Football (soccer) world cup coming up in June and July of 2010 in South Africa.

Football (soccer) has already been declared the official sport of YWAM, so there is much anticipation for the world cup. It’s estimated that about 350,000 soccer fans will be visiting South Africa during the world cup, with literally billions of people expected to tune in to watch it on television.

YWAM still has room for volunteers in the areas of fundraising, publicity, web-design, administration, hospitality and outreach / evangelism teams.  The plan is to have YWAM teams in each of the host cities for the world cup, with a focus on outreaching to the visitors and locals during the world cup.

If you aren’t excited about it yet, then check out this video:

Unfortunately my mother country of Canada did not make the World Cup (no real surprise), but my adopted country of Australia did make it. So our family will no doubt be following the Socceroos during the tournament. It’s almost enough to make me want to get cable …

You can find out how to get involved in the YWAM World Cup Outreach here.

YWAM Swaziland Becomes Official

After more than 2-years of work YWAM Swaziland has finally become an official Swaziland organisation. This will give the ministry there a lot more freedom in how they operate in the nation.

Around the same time God has also opened the doors for the staff of Youth With a Mission Swaziland to bring themselves closer together on the same property. This helps to build community and reduce costs, which will allow the ministry to grow further in what God’s calling them to.

You can read more about the latest news from YWAM Swaziland, including these latest exciting developments, here.

HIV – AIDS Seminar in Worcester, South Africa

This weekend also marks the beginning of an HIV – AIDS Seminar in Worcester, South Africa. The seminar is three weeks of lectures and practical experience in the area. The topics that will be covered during the seminar are:

  • HIV – AIDS Basic Education
  • ARVs
  • Fighting Stigma about HIV and AIDS
  • God and Suffering
  • Loss and Grief
  • Legal Aspects of HIV – AIDS
  • Knowing your rights in the different areas of society

YWAM Worcester has an active ministry to sufferers of HIV – AIDS called “Garden of Hope”.

You can read more about the three week HIV – AIDS seminar, and Garden of Hope (GOH) here.