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YWAM Ministers to the Pot Heads at Mardi Grass

Apparently down in Byron Bay, in New South Wales, Australia, there is a yearly celebration of everything about marijuana. They call this festival “Mardi Grass”, and no, that’s not a typo.

A team from the School of Music in Missions from YWAM – Reef to Outback based out of Townsville, Australia headed down to outreach to the people there with “a message of hope and some great tunes”.

You can check out a video about it here.

YWAM Outreach Team in Thailand Sees Amazing Results Despite Turmoil

Amongst the current political unrest in Thailand a YWAM Outreach Team (SOMM) from Australia is seeing some amazing results. They are primarily working with children and women who are currently trapped in the sex industry.

The team is taking all necessary precautions to stay safe and will be returning to Australia shortly. When they return to Australia the School of Music in Missions (SOMM) team will do a music tour to promote the issues of injustice in Thailand.

You can read more about the team here.