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YWAM News Podcast Launched

As a partner to this web site about news in YWAM I have now launched a new YWAM News Podcast that you can find at ywampodcast.com.

The podcast will include some of the news that you read here on my YWAM News site, plus some extras. I asked late last year what you, my readers, wanted out of a YWAM News podcast, and the top request was for Outreach Stories, which I’ve focussed on for the first two episodes. In the latest episode I included an interview with Russell Sanche about the YWAM Vancouver Olympic Outreach event.

Unfortunately the recording for the interview did not go as planned and I had to get Russell to record his side of the conversation while I recorded my side of the conversation. I then had to mix it all together after, which will not work in most circumstances.

To conduct future interviews for the podcast I am going to need to purchase a new laptop. The one that I am currently using is 4.5 years old and as well as being slow, the hardware in the computer is starting to fail. The computer shuts off randomly on me a few times a day and it sometimes takes hours to start up.

If you want to donate to help me purchase a new computer to help in my ministry with Youth With A Mission please do so here.

International YWAMer Launches Audio Podcast

This month’s (December 2009) International YWAMer is now available in an audio podcast version as well as the e-mail and on-line version.

At the moment we are limited to an English only version of the International YWAMer Podcast. The written version of the International YWAMer is available in English, French, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Indonesian (Bahasa) and Russian, so we are hoping to make audio versions available also in those languages as we find fellow podcasters and translators to partner with.

You can read the latest International YWAMer, well as listen to and download the audio version from here.

I’d love any feedback that you have on it, please feel free to post them in the comments below.

I started podcasting in YWAM in mid-2003 with a video news update for our local YWAM Centre in Australia and we launched the audio version in 2005.