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YWAM Ship Pacific Link has Arrived in Ulladulla

From what I have heard from some of the medical crew on the YWAM Marine Reach Ship MV Pacific Link they have now arrived in Ulladulla in New South Wales, Australia.

Fortunately for the crew the trip from Darling Harbour in Sydney was a much smoother sail than the trip from Newcastle into Sydney. Unfortunately though it was not an uneventful trip as the anchor chain motor stopped working while they were trying to replace the anchor chain. I do not have an update yet about if they have got the motor running again.

The ship will be in Ulladulla until March 15 and while they are there they will be visiting the local Lions group and various church groups in the city. They will also be taking people on guided tours of the ship daily between 9am and 4pm.

The Lions group will be putting on a barbeque at Lions Park in Ulladulla on March 13 at 6:30pm where people can meet the crew and find out more about what the ship is doing. The Lions group is also working on collecting used glasses that will be taken to Papua New Guinea to help people there regain their sight.

You can read more about the YWAM Ship Pacific Link’s visit to Ulladulla here.

YWAM Ship Pacific Link in Sydney, Australia

The YWAM Ship MV Pacific Link is now in Sydney at Cockle Bay, Darling Harbour. The ship will be staying there from March 2 – March 9 before heading down to Ulladulla where it will be berthed at the Harbour.

The ship spent a very successful week in Newcastle where it was open for tours of the ship, and opportunities for people to meet the volunteer crew. YWAM was donated supplies to take on to Papua New Guinea and is still collecting glasses to donate to PNG where over half a million people could have their sight restored simply by being provided with corrective spectacles.

On the trip from Newcastle to Sydney the ship hit some pretty rough seas. The rough seas were caused by the tsunami that occurred because of the earth quake in Chile and tested the sea legs of everyone on the ship, some of whom are still pretty new. Here is a photo of the ship hitting some pretty decent sized waves:

YWAM Australia Collecting Donated Glasses for Papua New Guinea

In Papua New Guinea (PNG) over half a million people can have their eye sight restored simply by receiving glasses. While there is definitely need for surgery for some in PNG, most people suffering from impaired vision in the country can be helped by a donated pair of glasses.

Youth With A Mission will be touring Australia this year to raise finances and awareness of the new YWAM Australia Medical Ship, the Pacific Link, and the work that they will be doing in PNG. While on tour they will also be collecting donations of used spectacles for distribution in Papau New Guinea.

You can find out how to donate your used glasses at the YWAM Ship web-site here.

YWAM Australia Trip to Papua New Guinea Plans Ship Tour

I got this e-mail from the base director at Reef to Outback in Townsvillle, Australia. We had been talking for years about birthing a ship ministry out of YWAM Australia, and it is very close to coming together. You can read some of the latest developments below:

Recently I had an historic trip to Papua New Guinea, Mike Reynolds (who seems to refuse retirement, even after his official retirement as the Speaker for the Legislative Assembly of Queensland commenced late last month) returned to Port Moresby earlier this week, accompanied by representatives from the YWAM Australia & PNG Ship Tour, Rebekah Hoover and Hannah Peart.

The trip, which served to strengthen both the recent twinning relationship between the PNG National Parliament and the Queensland National Parliament and the Sister City relationship between Townsville and Port Moresby, was very successful.
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YWAM IPHC Brings Life to Papua New Guinea

After hearing of an attempted infanticide in a remote village of Papua New Guinea a YWAM Introduction to Primary Health Care School (IPHC) team was able to bring much needed medical care to the very malnourished child. In addition to seeing a physical change in the life of the child the team also saw a spiritual change in the village as the villager’s began to see the value of the life of any child, no matter how it comes into the world.

You can read the full story here.