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Five Star Streets and Saving Sparrow Rock Out in Calgary, Canada

Tonight we had a chance to catch up with some good friends and some good music here in Calgary. Five Star Streets and Saving Sparrow from Reef to Outback in Townsville, Australia were in Calgary as part of their Canadian and American tour.

Here in Calgary they were a part of a local music festival, played at a pub last night and at a local church tonight. From what they’ve said it’s been a great experience so far, but you can see for yourself in this video …

I am a bit worried about turning my kids into YWAM Band groupies though. My son purchased CDs from both of the bands and then went around and got them signed by most of the band members.

You can find out more about Five Star Street and Saving Sparrow, including dates for the rest of their North American Tour, here.

YWAM Band Five Star Streets to Release New Album

Let Justice Sing is the newest album released Five Star Streets from Reef to Outback, in Townsville, Australia. The members of the band are Mike Murray, Luke Haythorpe and BJ Magee.

The members of Five Star Streets have been together now for a few years and have put out a couple of albums. Their latest album is a message of justice and redemption. Many of their recent performances have been as a part of Voice in the Dark, which is a movement to raise awareness of injustice issues around the world.

The new album will be released during the band’s second North American Tour, which will be happening later this year. They describe themselves as an indie-rock band and you can read more about them, their recording plans and their tour plans here.

YWAM Ministers to the Pot Heads at Mardi Grass

Apparently down in Byron Bay, in New South Wales, Australia, there is a yearly celebration of everything about marijuana. They call this festival “Mardi Grass”, and no, that’s not a typo.

A team from the School of Music in Missions from YWAM – Reef to Outback based out of Townsville, Australia headed down to outreach to the people there with “a message of hope and some great tunes”.

You can check out a video about it here.