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More Debate over Hakani Documentary About Infanticide

Debate is still raging about the documentary depicting a re-enactment of infanticide that is practised by some Amazon Tribes in Brazil. There seems to be a few thoughts on the documentary and the idea of infanticide being practiced:

  1. We should ignore it and leave it alone since it isn’t too widely spread among the tribes and it’s their tradition to kill unwanted babies, so we shouldn’t interfere (Survivor International, Brazil’s National Foundation for Indians (FUNAI)
  2. It should be stopped, as many tribes have already done, and the killing of babies should be made illegal, even among the Indigenous Brazilian Amazonian tribes (Hakani Organization, various law makers in Brazil, United Nations Human Rights, etc.)

The documentary was filmed and edited by members or Youth With A Mission (YWAM).

You can read a bit more about the debate here.

‘Hakani’ Continues to Cause Controversy

The Hakani Project aims to bring awareness and change in regards to the practice of infanticide among the indigenous Amazon Indian tribes in Brazil. Recent controversy has been raised by a non-government group based out of London who believe that the Hakani Project, and the film produced by them, exaggerates the problem of intanticide among the tribal communities in Brazil.

You can read more about the debate here.

YWAM IPHC Brings Life to Papua New Guinea

After hearing of an attempted infanticide in a remote village of Papua New Guinea a YWAM Introduction to Primary Health Care School (IPHC) team was able to bring much needed medical care to the very malnourished child. In addition to seeing a physical change in the life of the child the team also saw a spiritual change in the village as the villager’s began to see the value of the life of any child, no matter how it comes into the world.

You can read the full story here.