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Outreach Opportunity to India for YWAM Discipleship Training School Teams

I got this e-mail from a pastor in India who is an ex YWAM Staff and Student who is interested in partnering with YWAM to bring in outreach teams to his location. I thought it sounded interesting, so I wanted to pass it along:

Greetings to you in the Name of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST from New Life Trust and Ministries.

II was YWAMer in the year 2000 to 2005. I did my DTS and SOFM in Pune and was also on Staff for the Sofm in Bangalore, India. God has given me a vision to reach out unreach people groups and the Yadava poeple group.

We are distributing Clothes, Books and helping pay the Tuition Fee to the Poor S.C., S.T. and Economically Back ward Classes Children’s Studying Schools from 1st Class to 10th Class in the surrounding villages of Gudipala Mandal, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh. We are also working with other villages. We need our Evangelism, Gospel works  and encouragement as they are engaged with coolly work due to their poverty giving up there studies.

We can easily reach out the unreached people groups in the remote villages. I am focusing on 15 different villages. We understand GOD has chosen people and groups like YWAM to Extend Your Valuable Support DTS Outreach Team mission team, or any Evangelism team. We are kindly requesting you please send your DTS Out reach Team, mission team ,or any Evangelism team to our place

We are praying for you and your wonderful ministries.  We are expecting an early and favourable Reply From you sir.

Thank you so …………much for your help and prayer

Yours truly

PHONE NO-0091-8572-257947

CELL NO-0091-9652124787

Although I receive a few of these requests a week I’m always keen to help out others who have been in YWAM. I also find it easier for Discipleship Training School and Outreach team leaders to verify things about people and locations if they have already had contact with other YWAM centres around the world…

Prayer Request from YWAM in India

We had an e-mail come in this week from a YWAMer that I know in India with an urgent prayer request.

A YWAM Centre in India is currently in the middle of a dispute between a family that they are working with and a local boarding school. They are asking for prayer for wisdom and God’s grace and favour in the situation. The desire is that a just resolution is found in the situation and that the right outcome would occur all the parties involved.

I realise that this is a bit vague, but it’s a fairly sensitive situation and they simply want God to move in it. The points for prayer are:

  • Wisdom and favour for the YWAM staff involved in the situation
  • Grace for the family involved
  • A just resolution for the situation

Thank you for your prayers and for trusting that God’s will be done…

YWAM Runs Detox Camp in Ukhrul, India

YWAM ran a 15-day detox camp at VVD Phangrei with the motto “Time to heal”. There were people from all over India and around the world (USA, UK and Norway) to give input to the participants in the camp.

Youth With A Mission has run a few of these detox camp in the area. The area is notorious for the number of drug addicts in the district. The camp engaged many different doctors and nurses from the area to help with the camp. According to the camp director, Mayola Ngamchiyo, “Our camp is focusing not only on treating campers physically but also on providing them mental and spiritual solace through gospel news”.

You can read more about the YWAM detox camp here, and about one of the YWAM detox schools that are offered by the University of the Nations (U of N) here.

Girl Rescued from Brothel by YWAM Team in India

An eleven year old orphan girl was recently rescued by a YWAM DTS outreach team in Pune, India. The girls mother had been a prostitute and had died, leaving the girl at the brothel with the other women.

The girl, Monica, is now living at a children’s home in Pune. At the same time as Monica was rescued from the brothel a 3-year old boy also left the brothel with the team to live in the children’s home.

Usually if a child is left alone at a brothel they are sold for the day or for the rest of their lives. For these two children to be rescued from the brothel is a real miracle and will give the children a much better chance at life.

You can read the full story here.