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Lynn Green to Address YWAM Live On-Line

On April 28th at 5pm GMT (10am Pacific) Lynn Green will be addressing YWAM globally on an online video stream. Youth With A Mission has been streaming many of their GENESIS (video conferencing) meetings live to include as many people and YWAM locations as possible. So far there have been over 23,000 views of these different live recorded videos.

In addition to Lynn Green speaking on the live online video broadcast Shirley Brownhill will also be speaking. Shirley Brownhill is the director of YWAM Perth and will be sharing stories and video from Mexico City. YWAM Perth is currently engaged in a “Mega Cities” outreach in Mexico City and they have seen many people come to the Lord during their time there.

You can join into the live video address by clicking here at the time of the event.

To find out what time the event is in your time zone click here and then select your location.

Live Interview with Lynn Green, YWAM International Chairman, on Facebook

Lynn Green, the International Chairman of Youth With A Mission, was a part of a live interview on the YWAM International Facebook page. He took the time to answer quite a few questions that had been sent in previously and were asked during the interview.

Here is a sample of some of the questions, and Lynn’s answers:

  1. Lynn, here is the first questions, who are you?
    • A kid from Colorado who joined YWAM in 1969, got a wife, then four kids, then 6+ grandkids and became Chairman of YWAM along the way.
  2. What would you say to the challenge busy YWAMers in this area – rest vs drivenness?
    • That is something God has been saying to me. But, to some extend it is related to seasons of life. I am now in my 60s and God is saying I must "fight to enter into rest". I have been an activist for all these years and now the passage of scripture that means so much to me is Ruth lying at the feet of Boaz and then going back to Naomi and asking "what do I do now?" She said Rest! This man will not rest until he has done all he needs to. That is what Jesus will do for me if I spend time with him.

      But even in the midst of a very busy life, I have developed the habit of a good long time each morning spent in the scriptures and prayer and then prayer with my wife then with my kids around the breakfast table.

  3. Do you think YWAM is focussing enough in the area of assisting ministries associated with New Technology, media, Gospel presentation?
    • Well, we never think we are doing enough. But Create International are fantastic in this area. I am sitting right now in a global communication team meeting and we have spent three days looking at our web presence, IT tools, where communication is likely to go in the future etc…..
  4. When will YWAM return to its original call to evangelize?
    • You must be talking about YWAM somewhere in particular – there is an incredible amount of evangelism happening around the world! We have planted over 600 churches in 100 of the least-reached people groups. Reef to Outback in Australia is doing innovative outreach online and Impact World Tours have led tens of thousands to the Lord in the last few years!
  5. What advice would you give to current DTS student to encourage them? Do you even remember your DTS, Lynn?
    • No I didn’t do a DTS, so I can’t remember it. But I have led a few. I didn’t do a DTS because they didn’t exist until around 1975. When I joined there was only a School of Evangelism.

      The most encouraging thing I can say is keep obeying Jesus. There is no greater adventure!

  6. Lynn, perhaps a big struggle for me is understanding wisdom in Loren’s philosophy of easy on, easy off. Balance of helping people step up to commitment vs just letting them go. Your thoughts?
    • Well, commitment has to be freely given. We really cannot put pressure on people to commit. It has to come from deep inner convictions. In addition, we want to bless the whole Body of Christ, so we are training people for other movements, denominations etc.

      Recently God has convicted me that I must also be happy when people seem to use the YWAM platform to develop their personal ministry. That is the attitude Paul conveyed when he said he rejoiced when people preached the gospel, no matter what the motive.

  7. Where is the University of the Nations is at with accreditation…?
    • We are seeking to be a force for transformation in higher education. The current accreditation system is part of what keeps it static. so we are pursuing accreditation by two means: from one institution to another. Many colleges and Universities accept U of N credits. And we are developing a new global accrediting association.
  8. How should YWAM prepare itself spiritually and practically for the growth towards 200.000 staff?
    • We must deepen our relationship with Jesus first!

      Then we have to transition from a more rigid organizational structure to a more thoroughly relational leadership network on a global basis. that is a big subject, so keep your eyes open for prayer days on the subject. I will do some leadership letters on that too.

  9. People are asking questions about the restructuring of YWAM after the last GLT. What can you say about that…?
    • We are thinking less organizationally and more relationally. We are not in a rush, but know that God is giving us more insight about eldership and how it works within our body. The upcoming International YWAMer (www.internationalywamer.org) will have articles on that.
  10. What’s your favourite running shoes?
    • I highly recommend that you have your running style analyzed by some outfit that knows what they are doing. I was giving up on running due to knee pain, then had different shoes prescribed after a video of my gate and I have been fine ever since. Asics Nimbus for me!
  11. What would you say to many many ‘behind the scene’ Ywam mothers who are depressed while the husbands are driven with works and meetings and are highly motivated to get the job done?
    • When my wife was feeling like that, she wrote me a letter that she left in my suitcase. Basically she said she was lonely. That tore my heart out. I went back home, went through my calendar with her and cut my schedule back. I now make all scheduling decisions in prayer with her. Have all husbands read this!!!
  12. What are you most looking forward to in this last quarter of YWAM’s first 50 years?
    • Deeper relationship with Jesus and much more evidence of the supernatural in YWAM. Deeper friendships too!

You can read the full live interview on the YWAM International Facebook page, including follow up questions and responses from people who were at the event live.