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Discussion about Personal Finance and Support Raising in YWAM

There is a great discussion going on about personal support raising in YWAM and what it means to live by faith in YWAM. Lynn Green started the discussion with an article that he wrote for the last International YWAMer. The article was reposted on the YWAM Facebook Page.

The original article talks about the call that YWAMers have to a Levital calling and to live off the tithes and gifts of the other tribes of Israel.

You can join in with the conversation over on the page here.

Latest International YWAMer Released

The most recent issue of the International YWAMer is available now available over on their web-site.

This issue discusses how the current economic recession is effecting the Churches ability to engage in missions around the world. You can also find some practical tips to YWAMers about how to survive the current financial downturn. Lynn Green, YWAM’s International Chairman, has a great article about the call for YWAMers to live in the tradition of the Levites.

You can read the entire issues here, and while you are there I would highly recommend that you subscribe to receive every new issue if you haven’t done so already.