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Upcoming Support and Friendraising Workshop

On May 31- June 4, 2010 Terry Sherman will be hosting the “Train the Trainers in Friendraising Workshop”.

The workshop is a four day workshop on friendraising and support raising for people in YWAM. It will be hosted at the YWAM Heidebeek centre in Heerde, the Netherlands.Terry has been developing training in the area of support raising and friendraising for the last 8-years and has run these workshops successfully in previous years.

The first three days will be spent learning about how to raise support. The fourth day will be dedicated to looking at how the participants can multiply that teaching on their own YWAM Centre.

The training is very interactive and includes homework before the workshop, lots of group discussion and assignments during the workshop.

If you are after more information about the friendraising and support raising workshop you can contact Terry Sherman through her Facebook page here.

YWAM Knowledge Base Sprint Meetings Coming Soon

The Youth With A Mission Knowledge Base already has over 450 different documents geared to help YWAMers to work better together and to not continually be reinventing the wheel. In two weeks time they are planning to hold a “sprint” meetings in Brussels to grow the knowledge base even more. To participate in the meetings you don’t even have to be there, you can participate from anywhere in the world.

YWAMKB.net has been described as an encyclopaedia for YWAM and a great resource for all things to do with starting a ministry in YWAM, running a conference, finding conference notes and more. I’ve been trying to encourage others to add their manuals and documents for YWAM Ministry to the site for years, and the sprint meetings can be a great time to look at doing that.

Some of the latest articles on the site are:

  • Learn how to start a YWAM Ship ministry
  • Quality Leadership in YWAM
  • A discussion on “What is a YWAM base?”

You can read more about the sprint meetings here, and check out the YWAM Knowledge Base here.

YWAM University of the Nations Workshop in September 2009

September 7 – 12, 2009 will see the next YWAM University of the Nations (UofN) workshop run in four different locations. The workshop will run in the Ukraine, Switzerland, Egypt and South Africa. The workshop is being targeted “For Such A Time As This” and is meant for every YWAMer to hear what God is saying to the mission for this season, to hang out with others and learn more about how to disciple nations.

The last time the University of the Nations Workshop was run in multiple locations using GENESIS was in 2001 when I lead the GENESIS team in Nairobi, Kenya. It was an amazing time of bringing the mission together in a way that had not been done before.

You can read more about the latest YWAM University of the Nations Workshop here.