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Call2All Conference in Hong Kong a Success

From all reports it sounds like the Call2All conference that was help in Hong Kong this month went really well. About 3000 people involved in ministry from over 100 different countries gathered together to work on strategy for the completion of “The Great Commission”.

There were a number or targets that the delegates from the conference came away wanting to target:

  • Reach 1.73 billion people with the gospel by 2020
  • The engagement of hundreds of unreached people groups
  • Establishment of over 100,000 new houses of prayer
  • Hundreds of oral bible teams to work around the world
  • 1.8 million new church plants

You can read more about the Call2All Conference, and read summaries of each days events, here.

Call2All Conference in Hong Kong – June 1 – 4 2009

Looks like there is a large conference of Christian leaders about to take place in the first week of June in Hong Kong. The meetings are to discuss how to get “the whole church” involved in the Call2All movement to reach everyone with the Gospel of Christ.

There was a fantastic letter sent out to Christians from ministry, business and other workplaces to participate in the conference. The Call2All movement wants to see every follower of Christ engaged in reaching the lost. The letter was interesting in how it tackled “traditional methods” of evangelism, and how there is the call for new methods to be developed using what God has already blessed us all with.

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) is one of many Christian organisations that are a part of the Call2All. You can read more about the meetings in Hong Kong, and the letter that was sent out, here.

YWAM OneStory Seminar offered in Canada

Starting April 29th YWAM Turner Valley in Alberta, Canada is offering a one week “OneStory” seminar, open to anyone in YWAM Canada (or beyond) who want to learn more about how to communicate God’s Word to oral people groups. The goals of the seminar are to help the participants understand better how oral communicators think and learn, understanding their worldview and gaining knowledge of cultural considerations.

The OneStory seminar is a part of the call2all strategy to raise the churches effectiveness in evangelism and missions.

You can find out more about the YWAM OneStory seminar here.

Contact the Turner Valley YWAM base here if you are interested in participating here.