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Global NT – The Bible in Six Languages

Usually when I talk about universal access I’m talking about technology. Is our web-site accessible, how does it look on mobile devices, does it work on low speed internet connections, etc…

The new Global New Testament though takes it to a much more basic level, making a single new testament bible including translations in six different languages:

  1. English (New International Version)
  2. German (Hoffnung für Alle)
  3. French (Bible Du Semeur)
  4. Spanish (La Santa Biblia, Nueva Versión International)
  5. Russian (Slovo Zhizny)
  6. Arabic (Ketab El Hayat)

A bible like this could be useful for many different audiences, but they are thinking that a few different types of people would be especially interested in it:

  • International Churches
  • Individuals interested in bible translation
  • Christian professionals for their waiting rooms
  • Hotels and Conference Centres
  • Immigration and Refugee Centres
  • International Bible Schools
  • and of course Missions Agencies like Youth With A Mission

Depending on where your YWAM Centre is located, and where it goes on outreach, a resource like this could prove to be extremely valuable as it helps to cross over many language barriers that may exist in communicating the gospel. It could, with proper preparation and training, make it possible for people with limited language skills to witness in a much more powerful way.

You can read more about it, and find out how to get your hands on one of these books by contacting the company that is printing them:

Introduction price per copy US$ 30: – or € 24: –
Generous bulk discounts available
To order, please e-mail: interbible@telia.com

We are seeking distributors all over the world. Please apply or give suggestions to:hanseric.hallzon@telia.com
Contact: R B S
Relationship Building Service
A non-profit registered organization
(Formerly Russian Bible Society (Sweden)
Box 1801, SE- 701 18 Örebro, Sweden
Tel. 0583-770 670 Mobil 0704 04 06 03

Follow by Floyd McClung–A Story of What God is Doing in the Nations

Follow by Floyd McClungAfter reading a review about Floyd McClung’s new book “Follow’” I’m thinking that this is a book that I want to pickup and read at my earliest convenience. The basic premise of the book is to answer the question, “How are we to think and live day to day as followers of Jesus?” He addresses many issues in the book, including:

  • obedience
  • identity
  • significance
  • church
  • sexuality
  • marriage
  • work
  • humility
  • faith
  • prayer
  • witness
  • sacrifice
  • and more …

The book is very practical and includes topics for group discussions at the end of each chapter, as well as personal, practical steps of application.

Here is Floyd McClung describing the book:

Here is the blurb about the book from the YWAM Publishing web-site:

Isn’t it time to stop asking, "What would Jesus do?" and start asking, "What is Jesus doing now?"

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who have stories to tell, and those who don’t. Those who, like Peter, follow Jesus on the water are the ones who will tell others their stories. Floyd McClung leads us through the liberating process of changing the focus of our lives from ourselves to Jesus so we can do life the way Jesus did in the New Testament – and the way He is doing it now in and through His followers. This Jesus is not safe, sterile, or sanctimonious. He is an untamed, passionate, compassionate Jesus who makes the pages of the New Testament live again.

Follow is a real-life, right-now guide to living life the Jesus way – a challenge to get out of the boat of dull religion and find the kind of adventure that happens to ordinary people when they dare to walk on water.

Floyd McClung has been a missional leader and church planter in Afghanistan, Amsterdam, America, and Africa. He is the author of numerous books, including The Father Heart of God. His books – which have sold over one million copies and been translated into over thirty languages – have inspired generations around the world. McClung and his wife, Sally, live in Cape Town, South Africa.

You can purchase the book through the YWAM Publishing web-site, and it is also available on the Kindle over at Amazon.com, where you can see an expanded preview of the book, including quite a few chapters that you can read in full.

Is That Really You, God? Available on the Kindle

Is That Really You, God?

Over 3 million copies of Loren Cunningham’s book “Is That Really You God” have sold since it was first published in 1984.

Like I wrote about in the the last story the book is available in nearly 100 languages in either hardcover or paperback version. I reckon that you can probably find a copy somewhere in nearly every YWAMers house.

“Is That Really You, God?” is now available in e-book format from Amazon! You can check it out on the Amazon web-site for only $6.99 for the Kindle. The nice thing about purchasing it for the Kindle is that you can not only read it on a Kindle, but the software is available for free for the PC, the iPhone, the iPod Touch, Blackberry, iPad and for Android.

Loren Cunningham’s Book “Is That Really You God” is Available in 96 Languages

Is That Really You God Hearing the Voice of God by Loren CunninghamOne of the foundational books of Youth With A Mission is “Is That Really You, God?: Hearing the Voice of God (by Loren Cunningham)

The book explains the early history of YWAM, it’s founding and some of the stories from different people in the mission. The book is required reading for almost anyone doing a YWAM DTS. It’s an amazing history of God’s faithfulness and calling to Youth With A Mission and a book that I have read a few times now.

Is That Really You God has now been translated into 96 different languages. The latest translation that I have heard of was the Mongolian language and was completed in late 2006.

2011 YWAM Prayer Diary and Planner Released

YWAM-2011-Personal-Prayer-Diary-Daily-PlannerThe YWAM 2011 Personal Prayer Diary and Daily Planner has been recently been released.

The Youth With A Mission personal prayer diary and daily planner has been published for the last 31-years. It has been distributed around the world and is used by over 40,000 Christians worldwide.

The diary includes a ton of resources including:

  • Christian teachings
  • Daily prayer guides
  • Bible medication and memorization guide
  • Weekly prayer guide for the nations
  • more…

With Christmas coming up it makes for a great gift, and it is on sale on the YWAM Publishing site for $10.99 each, or $10.00 each if you purchase two or more.

The Diary is available in four different colours (pictured above):

  • Navy Blue
  • Burgundy
  • Green
  • Black

You can purchase the 2011 YWAM Prayer Diary and Planner on the YWAM Publishing web-site.