Collage of four photos showing the a YWAM ship in PNG, camera crew, children playing a balloon, and a IT Discipleship Training School

Spheres of Society

Join YWAMers around the globe in praying and hearing from God. He is inviting you!

Group of YWAMers Celebrating the Spheres at YWAM Together 2016
Celebrating the Spheres at YWAM Together 2016

In 1975, Loren Cunningham sensed God giving him a message about God’s desire to see transformation in every sphere of society. Shortly thereafter Loren found out that other Christian leaders had sensed God giving them essentially the same message. Those leaders included Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, and author Francis Schaeffer.

At the YWAM Together 2016 event held in Kansas City in September, YWAMers, YWAM alumni, and friends of YWAM from all spheres met as a large and extended family to experience the presence of God and to dialog about the spheres at a more practical implementation level than has been done before.

Please join us this month in praying for the seven spheres of society: family, economics, government, religion, education, media and celebration.

God wants every nation to be able to experience the transformative impact of the kingdom of God in every dimension of its cultural life, shaping every sphere of society.

David Hamilton

 Prepare to Pray:

  • Review each of the seven spheres of society. See God Revealed Through the Spheres of Society by David Hamilton:
  • Spend some time with the Lord and ask Him to speak to you in a fresh way about the seven spheres:
    • The Sphere of Family
    • The Sphere of Economics (Science, Technology & Business)
    • The Sphere of Government
    • The Sphere of Religion
    • The Sphere of Education
    • The Sphere of Media (Communication)
    • The Sphere of Celebration (Arts, Entertainment & Sports)
  • List the spheres impacted by ministries associated with your location.
  • List friends of YWAM that are conducting ministries or that have ministry opportunities in spheres other than religion. Ask the Lord how you and your location could serve these individuals.
Collage of four photos showing the a YWAM ship in PNG, camera crew, children playing a balloon, and a IT Discipleship Training School
Some of the spheres YWAM ministers in. Top, left to right: Pacific Link Arrives in Papua New Guinea – Sphere of Government; YWAM Harpenden – Sphere of Media. Bottom: YWAM Madison – Sphere of Education; YWAM Nigeria Information Technology DTS – Sphere of Media


  • For more effective discipling of the nations through a better understanding of the spheres.
  • For God to teach us how to righty represent him in all of these different arenas of society.
  • That new tools available for understanding the spheres from a biblical perspective will help us work more faithfully in God’s purpose for every societal sphere of influence. (For more info on one resource, see the SourceView Bible at
  • For increased collaboration and communication with people working within specific spheres, such as YWAM alumni and friends of YWAM.
Person playing a guitar
Sphere of Religion. YWAM Metro New York
  • For the University of Nations partnerships for developing training for the spheres.
  • For effective partnerships and relationships between traditional YWAM and spheres and between people from one sphere to another.
  • For wisdom for YWAM leaders as YWAM “multiplies” and grows at a faster pace due to sphere ministries.
  • That our growth/multiplication would be a movement generated by the Spirit of God.
  • For a communication infrastructure that will effectively support the anticipated growth of YWAM in all the spheres.
  • For understanding among Christian workers of the importance of all spheres for building God’s kingdom.
Person holding a sparkler with words "Celebration - Discover the gift of God in each other"
Sphere of Celebration
  • For a spirit of teachability regarding spheres among YWAMers.
  • For YWAMers to be grounded in God and His Word so that we bring biblical value to the spheres.
  • For YWAMers to be in the world but not conformed to it.

Each sphere plays a unique role in seeing “God’s kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven” (Matthew 6:10).


Special Prayer Focus:

Pray for a YWAMer who was kidnapped in Africa in mid-October. Through his holistic work into several spheres of society he and his team have improved living conditions amongst peoples living in isolated and harsh conditions. During the kidnapping, two guards were killed. Please pray for this man’s release, pray for his wife and children, and please pray for the families of the two guards. (Do pray, but the authorities tell us: do not post any information or comments about this man on social media or websites.)

Screenshot of the sourceview Bible app on an iPhone and a Samsung Smart Phone
The spheres in the SourceView Bible App


Take Action:

  • Download the YWAM Together workbook
    • Read about beauty, order and abundance and fill out the Discovering Kingdom Metrics to Disciple the Nations work sheet on pages 26-27 of the workbook.
    • Read about the Belief Tree and fill out The Belief Tree and the Seven Spheres of Influence worksheet on pages 30-35 of the workbook.
    • Read about the domains of authority and the spheres of influence and fill out the Understanding The Domains of Authority worksheet on pages 36 – 43 of the workbook.
    • Complete the Preparing for Transformation questionnaire found on page 47.
  • Find out more about the SourceView Bible application and download it:

Everyone is called to impact the spheres of society. If you hold that God is the creator and sustainer of all things then the farmer who milks the cows; the driver who delivers the milk and the cashier who sells you the milk are all God’s agents to feed and care for the world.

Beth Senn, YWAM alumni working in the sphere of Celebration

How We Prayed – October 2016 – A Year of Answered Prayer

  • YWAMers noted on Facebook where they prayed: Australia, Mexico, Malawi, Canada, USA, Brazil, Korea, Papua New Guinea, India, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Nepal, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Norway, Philippines, and Italy.
YWAM Together stage with 10 people discussing the sphere of family
YWAM Together 2016 – Report on Sphere of Family

Future Topics:

  • December 8 – Paris

Don’t Miss The Invitation:

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  • If you sense God giving you a word or a direction for YWAM’s prayer, please contact us:

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