Sudan Camp


We invite you to pray about the global refugee situation this month. Please join us as we pray for people (asylum seekers, economic migrants, displaced people and others) who have had to leave their home for various reasons – war, persecution, natural disaster, famine, lack of jobs, etc. – from all parts of the world. Just some of the countries include Myanmar, North Korea, Syria, Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Mali, Somalia, Iraq, Ukraine, Mexico and South Sudan.

Sudan Camp
South Sudan Refugee Camp (YWAM Middle East)

We will also pray for those that are impacted by refugee movements: government leaders, families that are left behind, local residents and YWAMers who are ministering to refugees all over the world. He is inviting you to pray!

According to the United Nations, there have been record numbers of displaced people and refugees in recent years, over 60 million estimated in total. Those that flee across international borders are known as refugees (estimated to be over 16 million), while those that flee but stay in-country are known as internally displaced persons. Statistics such as these reported by the New York Times give us a sense of the tremendous needs for prayer:

  • Approximately half of the refugees are children. A very high percentage of these people are unaccompanied minors: 90% of the migrant children who have recently arrived in Europe via Italy were unaccompanied minors. Over 7,000 unaccompanied minors crossed from North Africa into Italy in the first 5 months of 2016.
  • More than one million refugees crossed the Mediterranean Sea last year.
  • Last year there was a record 5,400 deaths of migrants attempting to cross borders and already in 2016 there are 3,100 dead.
  • Tens of thousands of people are in limbo living in squalid camps in border towns.

In spite of these complex issues, YWAMers and other Christian organizations are seeing a time of great harvest of people coming to Christ.

. . . there has never been a time of greater harvest. Time and again over recent decades, we have said “the nations are coming to us,” but it has never been so overwhelmingly true. Will God’s people be swept up in the fear and protectionism, or will we reach out to reap the harvest?

Lynn Green, YWAM leader

Germany Baptism Walk

A Syrian Baptized in Germany (posted by David Campbell on YWAM Refugee Circle Facebook)
A Syrian Baptized in Germany (posted by David Campbell on YWAM Refugee Circle Facebook)

 Prepare to Pray:

  • Watch this simple video created by World Vision about praying for refugees:

  • Watch this video created by the documentary filmmaking school in YWAM Harpenden called “Sunday in the Calais Jungle.” It tells the refugee story of a camp in Calais, France called “The Jungle.” It is home to more than 7,000 refugees

Syrian Family
Syrian Family that Escaped ISIS-Controlled Territory in 2014

Pray for Refugees:

  • Pray for refugees that are travelling with risky health situations: pregnant mothers, women who have just delivered, day-old babies and others who are travelling who are sick or weak.
  • Pray for safety and protection from smugglers who often steal passports and other items from refugees.
  • Pray for greater freedom in the home countries of refugees so they don’t have to flee and so they can choose whom they will worship.
  • Pray for refugees who are lonely to experience the family of God and God as their Father.
  • Pray for government leaders to find workable solutions to refugee issues associated with displacement, transition, etc.
  • Pray for the hearts of residents in areas where there are refugee camps to be accepting, especially of the children in need of schooling and medical services. Refugees are often misunderstood. Pray for God’s people to be non-judgmental and to hear their stories.

For us, religion is finished. We want to have the freedom to choose like in the West.

A refugee at Lesbos, Greece speaking to a YWAM worker

Blanket Provided to Refugee (YWAM Madison)
Blanket Provided to Refugee (YWAM Madison)

Pray for YWAMers and YWAM Locations:

  • Praise God for the many YWAM teams that have responded to the needs of refugees. Pray for YWAMers to be led by the Spirit so that God’s purposes will prevail.
  • Pray for God’s love to break down walls as the good news is preached.
  • Pray for more teams to be sent. Pray for workers for long-term ministry opportunities such as with unaccompanied minors.
  • YWAM Ireland is teaching Iraqi, Syrian and Palestinian refugees about forgiveness. Pray for open hearts and changed lives.
  • YWAM Perth, Australia provides counseling on a Facebook page for many Syrians suffering trauma, loss, grief and other issues. Pray for impact in the lives of people who view the material on this page, and pray for more Arabic-speaking staff to work in this ministry.
  • YWAM Middle East runs a school for Syrian refugee children in a neighborhood where they are not welcome. Pray for peace and comfort for these children and praise God that the children are responding to the loving instruction they are receiving from YWAMers.
YWAM’s Next Wave Docked in Lesbos, Greece
YWAM’s Next Wave Docked in Lesbos, Greece
  • YWAMers in Lesbos and on YWAM’s Next Wave Ship have been given significant responsibility by local leaders over entire refugee compounds. Pray for wisdom as they care for unaccompanied children and families. Praise God for open doors, healing and salvation in the midst of chaos, brokenness and disorder.
  • Several YWAM locations in Germany are serving refugees. One location is providing a home for teenage refugee boys who have nowhere else to stay, teaching German classes, providing social activities and taking them to church. Pray for wisdom for these young men.
YWAMers in Sicily with Refugee Mom with Baby Born Aboard A Ship
YWAMers in Sicily with Refugee Mom with Baby Born Aboard A Ship


  • YWAM Sicily provides clothing and a discipleship program for refugees coming to their city, many of whom are from Africa. Pray for God to lead them.
  • YWAM Dalarna, Sweden has begun discipling Afghans who have shown an interest in the gospel. Pray for good relationships.
  • YWAM Calais, France ministers to Sudanese refugees from the Darfur area. Pray for continued favor with the local leaders and that these leaders would have changed lives due to a new faith in God.
  • YWAM Pittsburgh has purchased a building to help them reach out to some of the 20,000 refugees in their city. Pray for them and watch this video to see their refugee ministry:
Refugee Man and Woman (YWAM United)
Refugee Man and Woman (YWAM United)

Take Action:

How We Prayed:

June 6 – July 5, 2016 – 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World

  • YWAM Dunham, Quebec spent time searching their own hearts and repenting about how they have condemned Muslims in the past. They have chosen to love Muslims.
  • YWAM Seamill, Scotland prayed for the Muslim world throughout Ramadan. One day they specifically prayed for the 76,000 Muslims in Scotland.
  • YWAM Kings Kids, Brazil committed to pray for the Muslim World.
  • YWAM Uruguay committed to pray each day in their devotionals and schools. They are also promoting 30 Days of Prayer for Muslims to churches in Uruguay and they planned a celebration and time of intercession towards the end of Ramadan.

Upcoming topics for The Invitation:

  • August 11 – Universities
  • September 8 – A Year of Answered Prayer

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